Thank you all

I just wanted to take a minute to show my appreciation for what you guys are doing. I was homeless for 5 years and I recieved one of your bookbags towards the end of that first year. I was 19 on the streets of venice beach and i went to safe place for youth was where I got it. A few months after I got my citypak I was hiking the mountains north of LA. 

I had lost my footing and slid down the mountain on the backpack. I almost went off the cliff and into a stream. When I was done slidding the backpack had gotten pretty beat up but still in good condition  and my ukelele was still attached and not broken. I went down to the stream and played ukelele appreciating life. 

A few days later I was in Hollywood at Griffith park I bought sewing supplys ripped up some clothes and fixed my pack. That Citypak lasted me a good 4 years of being homeless and i put it through hell it has carried everything you could ever imagine including a wood folding table once. And that backpack has saved my life a couple times. I still have that backpack attached are pictures of mine. I just wanted to tell everyone involved in the citypak project your doing an amazing thing. 

When your homeless your backpack is your home and the consideration you have put into designing this is perfect. I would never change the design this really is the best bag for homeless people. Thank you for what youve done and keep up the great work.