Los Angeles LGBT Center 12th Annual Youth Thanksgiving Celebration

Together with the Los Angeles LGBT Center and World of Wonder, CITYPAK and High Sierra are hosting the Center's 12th Annual Youth Thanksgiving Celebration on Saturday October 19th, 2022.

During the holiday season, the Center’s Youth Services programs host festivities to give our youth a chance to celebrate with chosen family and prepare for the winter. Join the Center, World of Wonder and CITYPAK as we host the twelfth-annual Thanksgiving Celebration, which features a buffet lunch, drag queen bingo, and interactive activities to kick off the season of giving.

You're encourage to get involved by giving back to the center. Here's are a few ways to do that:

As we approach 100,000 backpacks provided to homeless families and individuals, CITYPAK, High Sierra Mark 10-YEAR Anniversary with Events in LA, Toronto and New York, and this event with LA LGBT Center marks the conclusion of that series of events.

“We are proud and humbled to be celebrating 10 years of CITYPAK. But a milestone is never truly reached in the midst of a rising wealth gap, a national mental health crisis, a growing level of violence and crime affecting the unhoused, and humanitarian disasters around the world,” said Founder, Ron Kaplan. “We will continue to provide custom-made backpacks to those experiencing homelessness or in housing transition - to help them secure and protect their personal belongings, enhance mobility, and hopefully improve their overall quality of life-even just a little bit-under difficult circumstances.” 

Read the full press release here.