Help those in need to succeed.

The CITYPAK Project provides a safe, convenient and versatile backpack uniquely designed to meet the needs of the homeless.


Austin, TX – Special Thanks

A huge THANK YOU to all of our donors who helped make CITYPAK’s recent SXSW distribution of 1750 PAKs possible.

Thank you SXSW, GSD&M, Monterey International, AEG, Playing in Traffic and High Road Touring for your generous monetary contributions.  Thank you to all the caring and hard-working staff at Front Steps for helping to organize outreach and get the PAKs into the hands of Those Austin-area homeless who needed them most.  Thanks also to Caritas, Family Eldercare, Foundation for the Homeless, Mobile Loafs & Fishes, Salvation Army, and Trinity Center for helping us reach your clients.

We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of  you.


South By Southwest is a time for fun, big shows, big celebrities and big parties. But there’s also a charitable side to the festival thanks to the spotlight on Austin.

On Wednesday, the CITYPAK project was handing out about 1,000 custom backpacks, specifically designed to meet the needs of the homeless.

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NOTE: The Distribution time has changed to 1:00pm at the arch  500 E  7th  Austin, TX.

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Offering New and Innovative Resources: LIFT-Chicago’s Partnership with the CITYPAK Project

This past fall, LIFT-Chicago launched a partnership with the CITYPAK Project, a Chicago nonprofit that distributes durable, theft-resistant, and versatile backpacks to meet the varying needs of the homeless.

The idea for this partnership first began when Director of Programs at LIFT-Chicago, Sol Anderson, saw an article featuring the organization in the publication Timeout Chicago. Sol knew that these backpacks – which have extra layers and closures to prevent water from seeping in, the capability to lock onto one’s body, and a collapsible poncho attached to cover both the bag and the owner – would be an amazing resource for many of LIFT-Chicago’s members. As Sol Anderson notes, “many of our members who are homeless or live in shelters have to face the loss of their belongings on a regular basis, CITYPAKs really help to protect against that. Beyond that though, we always want to partner with organizations that are looking for simple, yet innovative ways to help our most vulnerable neighbors, and we want to be able to provide as many different types of support as we can for our members.” The versatile capabilities of the CITYPAK allow people in constant transition or living on the street, a safer and more convenient way to transport their belongings with them.

As a result of CITYPAK’s generous donation, LIFT-Chicago was able to give 31 of its members an invaluable gift just before the holiday season. LIFT-Chicago staff identified some of its most devoted members currently living in unstable housing or on the streets who would benefit from the CITYPAK bags. In LIFT-Chicago’s Uptown office, 22 CITYPAKs were distributed and 9 in the Pilsen office. Each member who received a backpack was incredibly thankful. Many of them immediately ripped off the packaging, opening up each pocket eagerly peeking inside. Dani Lubin-Levy, a Site Coordinator at LIFT in charge of the CITYPAK distribution, noted “the gratitude each member showed after receiving a backpack was so touching. It was clear that having a new, versatile bag to put all of their belongings in and to ease each move they made was going to make a difference.” Upon their next visit to LIFT, after receiving their bag, members repeatedly thanked the LIFT staff. Elgin, one of the members who received a CITYPAK, remarked that the bag makes his daily life easier. He said, “It has a lot of compartments, a lot of space in it for different things that you need. It has a lot of room for the day-to-day things you might carry with you. It’s been great.” Undoubtedly, through LIFT-Chicago’s collaboration with the CITYPAK Project, we are able to offer new resources to support more of our members and looks forward to continuing this partnership in the future.

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Chicago Sinai Congregation Purchases 100 CITYPAKS

Thanks to Sinai Temple for providing 100 CITYPAKS for the 4th Presbyterian Church’s Sunday dinner program.



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