The Citypak Project

Providing safe, convenient and versatile backpacks uniquely designed to meet the needs of the homeless.

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Ortegus finds an alternative to his damaged pak!

Meeting with Ortegus and seeing how he was carrying his belongings on a cold Chicago morning, furthers validates why we have so much more work to do and how a Citypak can make a difference.

CNN has given The Citypak Project a wider reach

In the past 48hrs since the CNN segment aired, we have received numerous requests. Three organizations in Canada, one in Puerto Rico and many throughout the US. We now estimate over 80 organizations have made requests for over 15,000 Citypaks. Our goal is to supply everyone's request. In order to...Read more

Citypak Project on CNN

I want to thank Chris Cuomo and the CNN team for airing a story on The Citypak Project NYC launch. Check it out.

Citypaks arrive in NYC next week

I want to thank SIR for offering their space to store the 2500 Citypaks. Special thanks to the Rabbi Jonathan Blake & the Westchester Reform Temple for providing a generous donation & volunteers to assist with unloading 400+ boxes of Citypaks for storage and the following day to...Read more