The Citypak Project

Providing safe, convenient and versatile backpacks uniquely designed to meet the needs of the homeless.

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Feedback from our partners at the Gospel Mission in Portland, OR

We had the privilege of distributing some of the Citypaks this year to the homeless at Christmas at the Mission in downtown Portland, Oregon. There is such a need and we were only able to meet half of our 'guests' need in this respect. We would feel very priviledged to have this opporunity again...Read more

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A fortunate coincidence

While we were in LA, Avery sent an email below. It was a fortunate coincidence that we were able to provide him with a Citypak.I recently learned about Citypak from a friend, and having been homeless several times over the years, I've relied on backpacks heavily. But they've always broken on me...Read more